The Guardian of the synagogue

Schena publisher - Necklace few pages founded and directed by George Saponaro – year 1999
Winner of the national award "Valley of Trulli" year 2000

In just a hundred pages the author, with great skill and extraordinary sense of storytelling, focuses on the tragic adventure of the Jews in the twentieth century, tra war, dispersions, lotte, follies, separatezze, extermination camps, ubbidienze.
At the center of the story a fairy tale, that of the Golem, a giant that the inventor, the great rabbi Lowe, say the word magic, what shem. Through this magic word Golem catching thieves and murderers, fakers and scammers, does understand the difference between good and evil, fights injustice. One day the Rabbi forget the magic word and the Golem destroys everything. Now rests under the roof of the synagogue in Prague. Morals: no one can revive the Golem as no one can dispose of the lives of other men. We are all born free. The Golem us says author.
Already known to national criticism for other evidence of successful fiction, poetry, theater and chronicle, Michele Campione is a professional journalist since 1959 and was Director of Rai in Bari --qui he keeps us in suspense, fno the message of freedom that closes the fabula. The jury was his writing agile and engaging and his invitation to not forget the wings facing men of the third millennium.( Prize motivation from the Valley of Trulli).


Sam had 65 year old. Was jew and lived in Prague.
In truth his name was Nathaniel. So they decided to call the parents, Jews and also descended from a race of Jews who lived and worked in Prague at least four generations.
The father had a little shop in the ghetto that had been his father's.
A local small and dark in which piled up in disorder coats used, silver bracelets, necklaces watermark, sheepskins and hand-embroidered linen sheets.
Objects in pledge for small sums of money which were used to pay the doctor in case of sudden illness or to celebrate weddings and funerals.
Il Padre wait Nathanael, said the malicious, also carrying the wear and traded in precious stones. According to the rumors of the ghetto, the apparent humility and fervor with which participated in the rites of the Sabbath in the Great Synagogue served to hide a morbid love of money, the god Mammon as insinuated some, and a hard heart denied to all godliness.
– Remember small Nat, used to say, that Jews must always obey and to all. Not only to the Law of the Covenant and the precepts of the Book, but also what you are ordered by the other. It obbedisci, you still have a chance to escape, always. And for us Jews it is important to find, in every circumstance, a way out to the best. Obedience is one of these methods. Always obey. You will remember?
Am, the meglio Nathanael, because then it was still the little Nat, as he called his mother, listened carefully. Stared at him and answered every time: Yes father. I'll remember.
– Obedience. Obedience, invariably concluded the father, Who obeys is always on the side of the law.
His Mother, Am (called him since his return from America where he had emigrated after the war and had learned that the pension-he so lucky- he was paid in dollars) remembered as a petite woman, out, from large dark eyes, always silent but intense gaze and decided. Her name was Ruth.
Had settled young as they used to before the war and it was not a love match.
Besides the love centered little with the fact that two young Jews were married, and were packing up house. It was important that the parents were in agreement, Whether it was two families respectable and God-fearing, and that between the two betrothed there was a commitment to respect, the mutual devotion.
Everything else did not matter ....