Premio Campione alla carriera 2020 ad Angelo Aquaro


È un premio alla carriera e alla memoria quello che l’Ordine dei giornalisti della Puglia ha deciso di assegnare in occasione del premio “Giornalista dell’Anno” 2020: il riconoscimento va ad Angelo Aquaro, il vice direttore di Repubblica, scomparso l’11 aprile del 2019, a 54 year old. Il premio sarà consegnato alla famiglia Aquaro in occasione della […]

Communication is the report

  of LIVALCA * Taking any dictionary of the Italian language to voice recites communication: action and effect of communicating. The word Report Says: link between ideas or events. We find solace in Latin with refero, refers, reported, reported, referre which is none other than the father of fierce, fers, fire, wide;, ferre on which […]

The tale twisted olive

– I recommend, is' ​​on with the trunk, otherwise you grow lopsided, crooked as that crazy about your uncle. – Okay mom, do not worry. I'll be careful. The young olive straightened her slender trunk. He gave a boost to the right, where a large branch of the others forced him to say too much on that side, […]


Newsrooms have always been schools of journalism. But, one time, They were also of humanity schools. Michele Campione could combine these two aspects: master of the profession and teacher of life. To remember, Valentino Losito, President of the Order of Journalists of Puglia, for the edition number 13 Champion Award, traditional appointment for the category. […]

Beyond the news


Ecumenical Publishing, year 1988 Necklace "To reread" directed by Vittorio Stagnani Collection of notes from the TG3 and GR Puglia, and articles appearing on the "Courier of the Day", between 1980 and 1988, which highlight and comment on events in Italy and in Puglia. Terse style and touching, display rich content are […]