Beyond the news

Ecumenical Publishing, year 1988
Necklace "To reread" directed by Vittorio Stagnani

Collection of notes from the TG3 and GR Puglia, and articles appearing on the "Courier of the Day", between 1980 and 1988, which highlight and comment on events in Italy and in Puglia. Terse style and touching, display rich content are the characteristics of the pieces collected in "Beyond the news".

Beyond the news collects comments and reflections of a reporter who covered, that has always caught the deep sense of the news.
Sample, indeed, in his notes transmitted by Radio Bari or published in "The Courier of the Day" in Taranto, forced and still forces us to reflect on important facts, but also frivolous, occurred in our region.
Wise nell'aggettivazione, capable in the use of the right word, Champion -whose commitment of man and art critic are known to all- illustrates the cities of Apulia through events, now serious, now less, "Using" the most representative.
E 'therefore essential to collect result in "To collect", at least a part of the notes of sample, to go with it "over the news", not to stop at the superficiality of appearances.

Vittorio Stagnani