The writer

The Polish duck

It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw her I was conquered. I say. Rapt. Subjugated. The duck was mine. At all costs. It was like I had imagined, dreamed, I thought it would be a duck. The round eye with the pupil of a small dark blue as the ocean depths, He gave an intensity to vibrant look that seemed […]


Hi, Joe! The Allies in Bari between news and fiction

Levante publisher, year 2004 Published for the first time in 1987 and winner of the National Award "Marina di Palese", the novel was reissued in 2004 enriched with a new chapter at the beginning of the story. A chapter that returns to the reader the code of ethics of Champion man, Mario Cavalli wrote in the brief introduction to the text. […]


History of the sea and death

Schena publisher - year 2003 The mystery and superstition are intertwined to the myths and legends of Puglia marinara in this novel that takes at times the movements of the yellow, while in other passages melts into a lyrical fresco setting popular, tinged with emotion and human passion. A tight narrative and engaging, […]


The Guardian of the synagogue

Schena publisher - Necklace few pages founded and directed by George Saponaro – year 1999 Winner of the national award "Valley of Trulli" year 2000 In just a hundred pages the author, with great skill and extraordinary sense of storytelling, focuses on the tragic adventure of the Jews in the twentieth century, tra war, dispersions, lotte, follies, separatezze, fields […]

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The poet

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Collection of poems Schena publisher - year 1983 PREFACE TO MYSELF I have written many books of poetry for presentations. Poets young and old, city ​​and country, already known or anxious to be, love the metric and rhyme or desecrating proud of it. I participated in debates and boards […]

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The journalist


Premio Campione alla carriera 2020 ad Angelo Aquaro

È un premio alla carriera e alla memoria quello che l’Ordine dei giornalisti della Puglia ha deciso di assegnare in occasione del premio “Giornalista dell’Anno” 2020: il riconoscimento va ad Angelo Aquaro, il vice direttore di Repubblica, scomparso l’11 aprile del 2019, a 54 year old. Il premio sarà consegnato alla famiglia Aquaro in occasione della […]

Communication is the report

  of LIVALCA * Taking any dictionary of the Italian language to voice recites communication: action and effect of communicating. The word Report Says: link between ideas or events. We find solace in Latin with refero, refers, reported, reported, referre which is none other than the father of fierce, fers, fire, wide;, ferre on which […]

The tale twisted olive

– I recommend, is' ​​on with the trunk, otherwise you grow lopsided, crooked as that crazy about your uncle. – Okay mom, do not worry. I'll be careful. The young olive straightened her slender trunk. He gave a boost to the right, where a large branch of the others forced him to say too much on that side, […]


Newsrooms have always been schools of journalism. But, one time, They were also of humanity schools. Michele Campione could combine these two aspects: master of the profession and teacher of life. To remember, Valentino Losito, President of the Order of Journalists of Puglia, for the edition number 13 Champion Award, traditional appointment for the category. […]

The meridionalista


Ode to a robber

Schena publisher - year 2004 necklace Polyhymnia, with a preface by Raffaele Nigro and Critical essay of Peter the Great Award Winner Cosenza A poem dense and convincing, a melancholy poem about man, writes Raffaele Nigro, historical poem but innervated by the vision humanizing author. And still writes Nigro Michele Campione had and continues to have […]

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The Apulian not exist

Taranto 1960 From the Foreword by John Acquaviva The day that we published in the Corriere's Day the first chapter of the investigation that Michele Campione had written for us, showed up in our office a reader; it was highly qualified person but, as soon as he presented, began to deteriorate and to raise their voices. Said […]

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The art critic

La voce dei colori copertina

The Voice of Color

from the preface to the volume Michele Campione. The Voice of Color Tradition and renewal in the passion of criticism Michele Campione Raffaele Nigro What painting and how it is made or to be made for Michael Champion? The answer the proceeds from his own writings: «La Painting and made of blood and muscles. Bones and nerves. and […]

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