Ode to a robber

Schena publisher - year 2004
necklace Polyhymnia, with a preface by Raffaele Nigro and Critical essay of Peter the Great
Winner of Cosenza

A poem dense and convincing, a melancholy poem about man, writes Raffaele Nigro, historical poem but innervated by the vision humanizing author.
And still writes Nigro Michele Campione had and continues to have an open account with the bandits. Especially if called upon as a metaphor of the peasant. The robbers are his peasants ... In this Ode to a robber, epic poem and historical, return once caught the inhabitants of the woods and countryside. Robbers who are the first southern peasants in arms, then become whole Italy proletarian ... Epica and realism alternate and combine, you make story lines ini

Jury's Prize Cosenza edition 1991

The composition is worthy of consideration not only for positive values ​​literary and poetic but also for the intense, lyrical transposition of anthropological values ​​deeply rooted in southern populations, such as anxiety of social redemption,the preservation of their identity,respect of the female.
The ode recalls a moment troubled history southern,when repression,deviance, ambiguities are mixed with authentic aspirations of humanity than with the desire to protect the wound or capture of primordial goods such as land, bread, every household beyond a narrowly individualistic. I1 everything is redeemed lyrically poetic composition in the original style quick and concise, dry and pounding.
The word thus serves to engage the reader and give him a message of hope in inserting literary tradition of social protest South.

(The jury, chaired by the Rector of the Catholic University of Milan Professor Bausola, was composed by the rectors of the University of Cosenza, Professor Scrubs, Messina and Basilicata, Professor Lombardi Satriani, for the University of Rome, by Prof.. Giorgio Otranto for the University of Bari, and the Bishop of Rossano.)


For the death of every man,
silt thickening seabed
Fully. According to the logic
Above the fate
salvation of those who are in the world.
Every moment.
And die. Any time.
In forests, in the city. In villages.
Misfits, waste, crushed
by the inequities and injustices.
Always in the bowels of my land
torn from old memories.
Sheltered useless of drywall
flooded with vine leaves. Silver gray
the tops of the olive trees at noon.
Last look.
Revolution. Fire and death.
Justice and death.
How many crosses to a handful of earth.