Newsrooms have always been schools of journalism. But, one time, They were also of humanity schools. Michele Campione could combine these two aspects: master of the profession and teacher of life.
To remember, Valentino Losito, President of the Order of Journalists of Puglia, for the edition number 13 Champion Award, traditional appointment for the category.
the big events Crowd, authorities and colleagues in the lounge of the Province, Today Metropolitan Council. The event organized in collaboration with the Region, University, cones, Diocese and family of missing journalist, premia chi – once you leave the Puglia – She has managed to conquer the professional success. This year it was the turn of Annalisa Monfreda, direttirce Modern Woman, the weekly best-selling in Italy and Starbene: an example of how the quality, combined with the determination, can go a long way.
"To do good journalism – recalled Monfreda – necessraio is not working for a prestigious magazine. There are so many really new seguitissime, able to contact an incredible number of readers, always looking for news ».
over 150 the papers (between articles, TV services and photos) examined by the jury in the various categories. in short, here too there is a quality journalism, sometimes little known, expression of a growing category.

THE WINNERS - Savino Carbone (The Post International), Roberto Guido (Corriere del Mezzogiorno), Vito Prigigallo (Journal of the South), Giuseppe Dimiccoli (Journal of the South), Lorenzo must (Sky 24), Marianna Canè (Network 4), Michele Piscitelli (Republic Tv), Paolo Melchiorre (Ansa), Lucia Casamassima (Reading), Charles Tesser (, Donato Fasano (Corriere dello Sport), John the Evangelist (Journal of the South).

THE SIGNALS - Lia Mintorne, Angela Balenzano, Action Fraddosio, Tea Sisto, Pasquale Vitagliano, Vanni Sgobba, Giovanni Di Benedetto, Sara Pacella.