Group exhibition “Dedicated to…”

A Michele Campione art critic and friend of the artists was dedicated, to October 2003, Bari, the collective exhibition of twenty-six artists "Dedicated to ...", Gallery "Dueffe".

The sudden idea of ​​this event - writes in the invitation to the exhibition, the painter Leo Morelli- not scheduled in the calendar of the gallery, was born from the desire of the artists of the territory to dedicate a worthy tribute to Michael Champion, died a few months ago.
Artists friends, who had with him a bond of devotion inspired probably to the same forms of interpretation of their creativity. In his lucid critical-journalistic experience he worked to establish a deep existential defense to those painters who in the metamorphosis of their languages ​​merged their research into the roots of their meridionalità. A precise understanding cultural, I would say, pilgrim of Puglia.
But the miracle of Michele Campione is defending, through the idea of ​​painting, their faith against all the cultural assumptions of the time, evolving, to re-establish themselves in the artists, its raison d'être which is up to each order as primordial.
In his role as a bridge, between the sensitivity of his poetic world who accompanied him, and that of the existing presences, he was always just agreements to intervene in great harmony.
In the critical text of the exhibition "S. Nicola, from Myra to Bari ", held in the Portico of the Pilgrims, wrote about the works on display: "... Works projected in a timeless atmosphere with the woods gnarled olive trees as if they were painted votive" and again, in another passage "..tra the foliage is silvery tracks religiosity of the ancient rock churches carved into the rock with the frame harsh and sweet woods Puglia, discovering a universality to translate into painting with touches vehement, rich color contrasts that communicated the vitalistic charm of nature "
It is clear so, as the symbolic aspect of this wind-philosophical meridionalistico will bring Michele Campione to fly until the end.
The artists in this exhibition have appealed to all their resources to give the image of the character due respect.

List of Artists:
Antonio Bibbò
Carmela Boccasile
Emilio Bosco
Mario Column
Michele Caradonna
Manlio Chiappa
Michele Damiani
Lillo Dellino
Gianni De Benedictis
Leonardo De Santis
Michele OF Pinto
Giorgio Esposito
Nicholas Tullo
Benito Gallo Maresca
Isa Werewolves
Cristina Mastrangelo
Adolfo Grassi
Beppe Labianca
Antonio Laurelli
Ugo Martiradonna
Matteo Masiello
Leo Morelli
Renato Nosek
Pino Patron
Rita Ricci
P. Enrico Saliani