Edition 2004



Printed paper -Internet
Marina Rini
Weekly "Diario", service "Taylor pocket money Pavarotti», Puglia by the tragedies of Africa. A reporter sensitive and careful analyzes and describes the dramas that lives an entire people, never forgetting alongside raw details that the record requires a stretch of great humanity. The investigation reconstructs the events related to charities whose funds are often used for different purposes. Radio - Agencies
Tito Manlio Altomare
TGR Puglia, services broadcast by the days 13, 27 and 29 August 2003
The Murgia neglected and poisoned. A series of TV that document with rigor and professionalism the destruction suffered by one of the most beautiful areas of our region. From pasture to military servitude in the future Park, this is instead a transformed a giant open dump with disturbing implications about possible links to eco-mafia.

section COSTUME

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Lino Patruno
Monthly 'Ulysses', article "Did energies to sell the city of the Sun"
A passionate defense of the character of Bari, described between resources and contradictions. The portrait of a city that grows and changes: without irony and without melancholy, not surprisingly called a small capital with the engine turned eternally. An article that photographs the character of a community heir to a great tradition and millennial historical events made of contrasts and openings to the peoples of the Levant.

Radio - Agencies
Annamaria Buffo
Telenorba, service entitled 'Kiev, childhood denied '
The tragedy of children abandoned to their fate. Childhood forgot to Kiev, Puglia where solidarity can bring a ray of hope. A television report of great emotional impact and with the necessary sensitivity when dealing with issues like that of abandoned children.

section CULTURE

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Oscar Iarussi
Newspaper "Il Foglio"
article "Edoardo Winspeare, cinema well pinched the noble Salento "
A vibrant parade on a strip of Puglia rediscovered by the great cinema. A land that is required not more for its beautiful natural scenery, but also the stories of its inhabitants. By the rhythm of festive tweaks to the sweetness of the female faces, Salento is told through the eyes of Edward Winspeare, one of the stars of the new film season

Radio - Agencies
Vito Marinelli
Rai 3, service "Stories of love and painting"
A life told through the art of one of the most controversial artists of the early twentieth century. From all nicknamed "Modi", or cursed, for his lifestyle and the edgy character and difficult. Oval face and elongated neck: These are the elements that characterize the women depicted in his paintings. He is Modigliani.