Show Matteo Masiello

The painter Matteo Masiello titled “Tribute to Michael Champion” the retrospective exhibition organized by the Municipality of Molfetta – Hospital of the Crusaders - from 18 October to 18 November 2003. On the invitation has published an open letter written by Michele Matteo Masiello Champion Open Letter to Matthew Dear Matthew Masiello, the lure of your painting have […]

Group exhibition “Dedicated to…”

A Michele Campione art critic and friend of the artists was dedicated, to October 2003, Bari, the collective exhibition of twenty-six artists "Dedicated to ...", Gallery "Dueffe". The sudden idea of ​​this event - writes in the invitation to the exhibition, the painter Leo Morelli- not scheduled in the calendar of the gallery, was born from the desire of local artists […]

The reasons of history


Collection of poems Schena publisher - year 1983 PREFACE TO MYSELF I have written many books of poetry for presentations. Poets young and old, city ​​and country, already known or anxious to be, love the metric and rhyme or desecrating proud of it. I participated in debates and boards […]

History of the sea and death


Schena publisher - year 2003 The mystery and superstition are intertwined to the myths and legends of Puglia marinara in this novel that takes at times the movements of the yellow, while in other passages melts into a lyrical fresco setting popular, tinged with emotion and human passion. A tight narrative and engaging, […]

The Guardian of the synagogue


Schena publisher - Necklace few pages founded and directed by George Saponaro – year 1999 Winner of the national award "Valley of Trulli" year 2000 In just a hundred pages the author, with great skill and extraordinary sense of storytelling, focuses on the tragic adventure of the Jews in the twentieth century, tra war, dispersions, lotte, follies, separatezze, fields […]

Life and Death of the Sperm Whale Hunk


Drawings of Michael Damiani Schena publisher - year 1991 winner of the National Literature Prize for Young Cento (Ferrara) and the National Prize of Literature for Children of Bitritto; INCIPIT The caudal fin arose on the sea in a flurry of billows. He stood against the sky like a large triangular sail from […]